Teeya Lamée is an upcoming R&B/neo-soul flinta*-artist from Leipzig, Germany.

Her craft moves in an interplay between souly warmth, in which you slowly want to let yourself sink into (back first) and groovy vibes which will most likely make your head nod.

Having studied psychology, she is not afraid to talk about personal, „uncomfortable“ topics such as mental health in her music. Her latest single talks very openly about her experiences with social anxiety. But also topics like family, dating or having a critical eye on social trends like self-optimisation are talked about in her songs.

Officially having started her project in 2022, she has a full live band to play shows with her. They have been on the stage for festivals such as c/o pop Festival, KROA Festival, Tarmac Festival, Jazz Edition Festival Radebeul and played at venues such as Werk 2 Sommerbühne, Beatpol and many more.

Blogpost Stereo Fox: 

„Internet, we’ve got a new name on the alt r&b / soul scene to be truly excited about.

Meet Teeya Lamée and her impeccable ability to effortlessly switch between r&b, soul, and hip hop. „Now I Let You Go“ is the third-only single by the young up-and-coming Lepzig-based singer. The composition tells a story many of us can relate to. About those social anxieties and self-monitoring in social interactions when we are extremely critical of ourselves and we constantly ask the question „am I interesting enough to be here?“.

I absolutely love the lyrics and how she phrases this every day, yet complex situation. We’re yet to see more from Teeya’s art, but I feel there’s nothing, but greatness ahead of her.“